Über das Projekt

Welcome to the newly created (and still being under the process of development) www.boninfo.org web portal. Feel free to get familiar with the essential informations about its functions. This text is being modified all the time, therefore, you are welcome to read its updates every few days.

The informations here included are sorted into the following groups:

General Informations

Portal www.boninfo.org has been created in order to gather in one place the dynamic informations linked to Yungdrung Bon tradition from all over the world. The informations will be presented in a few languages. First of all, we would like here to share:

  • biographies of the teachers and another people associated with the tradition;
  • informations on Sanghas and another organizations associated with the tradition;
  • the full schedule of events connected with Yungdrung Bon tradition.

The remaining functions of the service are mentioned here [link].
Our website is going to offer also the tools allowing to integrate our content with another websites' content to the both directions. More about that you can find in the section for developers [link].

Recently the process of launching the portal is on, as well as we are testing the chosen functions - therefore, we are sorry for any errors, for unstable and unexpected work of the website. We put most of our energy into gathering informations and launching the next tools; in the next step we are going to take care of the graphic elements and comfort of the use. Due to this, we ask you for your understanding. Most of the content is available in the  following languages: English, Polish and German. We are looking at the moment for volunteers eager to help us to create the Spanish and Russian versions - more about that you can read here [link]. The portal itself is available in: English, Polish and German, however, the desctriptions of people, events and organizations might be available in unlimited number of languages - the only limit is the amount of the texts we have got.

For Users

Most of the functions here described are dedicated for the signed-up and logged-in users. Interesting resources, especialy so called eResources, are meant only for logged-in users. Your access to the various services and resources you can check in the "Resources/eResources" section.

Current and Planned Functions of the Website

Just below there is a list of the basic functions and their implementation phase. The percentage values concerns the English version of the website. For the rest of languages they might be lower. We are open for your help in our data update.

PEOPLE 90 In this section you can find the most of known to us people connected with Yungdrung Bon tradition. They are divided into the different categories.  [link]
ORGANIZATIONS 90 In this section you can find most of organizations associated with Yungdrung Bon tradition catalouged into the groups.  [link]
EVENTS 30 In this section there are informations on events related to Yungdrung Bon tradition happening all over the world. To what extent it is updated depends on your kind support.  [link]
NEWS 20 In this section are being published the most important informations from the Yungdrung Bon world. If you are a creator of interesting news, please, contact us.  
FOTO 20 Foto galleries. Under construction.  



In this section we are going to share the text, graphic and multimedia files.

  • In "Publications" section (for logged-in users) will be available the data for a public use.
  • In "eResources" section will be available the restricted files for the chosen users (depending on criteria given by a certain Sangha).

In this section you can subscribe the various bulletins published by the Sangha communities or Teachers.



For Events' Organizers

Informations on events are published by the official representatives of organizers. You can read more here [link].


For Sanghas and another Organizers

Our website offers various useful tools for organizers, among them are: publishing informations on events, managment of participation registrations of participants, sending messages to participants, members and subscribers. You can read more here [link].

For Teachers

We offer to the Teachers - among many other tools - one central place, where they can present their activities, easily manage their schedules, contacts and participation registrations. Moreover, they can use the tool providing easy newsletter sending and mailing system, so that they can stay in touch with their students and supporters. The detailed informations we share directly with the interested persons.

For Web Developers

For Web Developers we got the possibility to automatically integrate our content with the websites of the interested individuals. There are being created the appropriate plugins for Joomla, Wordpress and other CMS systems. More informations you can find here [link].



First of all we are asking for reporting any remarks concerning the errors found on our sites. At the bottom of most of the sites there is an icon, which redirect you to the tool allowing you to report your comments on the certain content [info].We invite to cooperation all organizers of events, for whom our portal might play the role of promotion tool as well as help them to manage the registration of participants and make the contact with them easier and with the time there will appear a few more tools.

Addictionally, we have an interesting eResources module enabling to manage the course materials access - with the option to give the access to the participants of the certain courses or holders of iniciations. More informations you can find here [link].

We are asking the authors owning the copyrights to the publications to cooperate in order to build together the "Publications" section.
However, we are open to the new ideas, which can be realized in the virtual space.
Anyone interested shall contact us [link].

Our Needs

At the moment we are looking for volunteers, who on behalf of their Sangha will take the responsibility of adding the new events in. Anyone interested in preparing the next language versions of Teachers' biographies is also very welcome, however, we are open for creating the other than available language versions of the website itself. Very soon we are going to launch the FOTO section - therefore, we are searching the interesting pictures linked to Yungdrung Bon tradition. Moreover, we will need graphic designers capable of creating the essential graphic elements.


Anyone interested in offering the financial support aimed to develop the portal can do it by donating us via PayPal [link].

What New Has Been Added Into This Text

  • 2014.12.22 - the first version of the text (the one you are reading right now).



Shortlink: https://boninfo.org/link/368875 sLink