It aims to support existing communities in Asia, referring to the pre Buddhist tradition, the Bön. It supports the Triten Norbutse institution founded in Nepal in 1987 by Yongdzin Tenzin Rinpoche Namdak in order to preserve the ancient Tibetan and Himalayan tradition, the Yungdrung Bön. This institution, which is also a monastery, is the largest learning centre in Nepal giving educational, cultural and social structures in this poor country. The association prohibits political activity.

Association Triten Norbutse

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The Association Triten Norbutse is acting in different area.
- Gives emergency assistance to refugee and poor children who come to the monastery to improve their living conditions
- Helps feed the monks (1 € a day feeds a monk)
- Supports children's medical school, and young monks sponsorship
- Helps to improve the facilities of the monastery
- Supports the development of a clinic and medical school
- Gives assistance in the construction of a dual educational school (traditional and western)
- Helps building a “end of life” home for secular elderly people
- Is planning the support for the construction of a hospital in Mustang

source: http://www.association-triten-norbutse.org/#/english/3887571


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