Gyalshen Mountain Center is a project under work at this time. The center will be directed by Geshe Chaphur Rinpoche.

Gyalshen Mountain Center


The natural surroundings make a perfect environment for practice. Five Elements practice is a perfect example. You just cannot connect to the energies  of nature without being in it. The picture above is Lost Lake in Indian Peaks Wilderness Area. It is about an hours hike from the center. The trail head for Indian Peaks is right down the road. The center also sits   on over an acre of land next to Boulder creek, so it’s easy to connect to nature here.

There will eventually be a dedicated building for the center. A possible “Earthbag” building, using traditional Tibetan building techniques is one option  being considered. At this point in time, the main cabin has a  dedicated  Shrine Room, and has a central room that can be used for larger groups.

Practice can be done in person at the center, or via Skype etc. Being only 30    miles West of Boulder Colorado, it is a short drive from the Denver metro area.

source: http://colobon.orionroyer.com/index.html


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