Registration is now open for the third weekend retreat of Wang Two, the second year of the Tibetan Soul Healing course series.
2015-03-27 15:30 - 2015-03-29 14:30

Tse Dup Wang Two Weekend Three

Weekend Course Series
Person Chongtul Rinpoche sp

Promotor Bon Shen Ling org
Place   United States, 07981, Whippany, 1401 Rt 10 E, Hanover Marriott       satelit map
contact  , (917) 300-9254,

TSE DUP YANG BOD is indigenous Tibetan soul healing by the five elements. Tse means life force. Dup means to intensify.Yang refers to the energetic essence of the soul (La).
Bod means to call or retrieve through respectful practice.

The following students are welcome to participate in this course series:

  • August 2014 Tse Dup I graduates
  • Graduates of May 2013 Tse Dup I
  • Graduates of June 2014 Tse Dup II
  • Graduates of 2008 Tse Dup I
  • Graduates of 2009 Tse Dup II
  • All Drup Shen Pa & Drup Shen Ma
  • All Tse Dup Lopons.



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