Ngondro practice is very beneficial for our life. It helps us connect deeply with our spiritual teachers and cultivate and stabilize the heart and mind that wish to benefit all beings.
2015-06-20 09:30 - 2015-06-21 13:00

Ngondro the Preliminary Practices

Weekend Retreat
Person Tempa Dukte Lama sp

Promotor Olmo Ling org
Place   United States, 13783-1037, Hancock, 67 Pennsylvania Avenue, Alma Yoga       satelit map
contact  , (607)637-4444 ,

The Ngondro practices include contemplation of the Four Thoughts that turn the mind toward transformation: the impermanent nature of existence, the preciousness of our life, the nature of suffering, and the law of cause and effect. Tempa Lama will explain how these contemplations can help us in our lives. Ngondro further includes the prayer to one’s teacher, taking refuge in the three jewels of the path of liberation, generating the heart and mind of awakening, mandala offering, purification through the 100-syllable mantra, and the three heart mantras of Bon. Tempa Lama will explain these practices and give the transmission.


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