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The study of traditional Tibetan astrology can open many opportunities for life improvement
2015-08-03 19:00 - 2015-11-09 20:30

Traditional Tibetan Astrology

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The use of astrological wisdom in navigating the challenges of life is an ancient and respected part of the Tibetan Bön spiritual tradition. A profound system of symbolic relationships that reflects the interdependence of all beings, Tibetan astrology describes the evolving conditions within which our experience takes place. Rooted in the study of the Five Elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water and expressed figuratively as trigrams, numbers, and animal signs, Tibetan astrology reveals the hidden connections between cosmology, worldly elements, and human beings. Learning to understand and calculate this knowledge yourself can provide a powerful tool for the improvement of your own life journey as well as be of benefit to others.

In Tibet, astrological calculation and practice are widely used in society for daily life, especially in business, personal desires, marriage, health, travel, and spiritual practice. By charting the array of influences that surround us, examining the flow of natural energies and their patterns, and determining strengths and weaknesses at given moments, an astrologer can develop sophisticated understanding of a given situation. Using the tools of Tibetan astrology, advice can be formulated to address hindrances and obstacles and maximize opportunity for a desirable outcome.

The traditional practice of Tibetan astrology describes the circumstances of our lives through the Bön philosophical understanding the effect of external and internal phenomena. Using astrology to inform ourselves fully of these conditions in the present, we can have greater insight about past circumstances that brought us to this point in our lives. With greater awareness of the origins of the present, we can make wiser choices to orient our lives toward a better future.

Tibetan astrology is a part of the Bön knowledge passed down from the long vanished Himalayan kingdom of Zhang Zhung. Called the Way of the Shen of Prediction, this wisdom system began with teachings by the Bon Buddha Tonpa Shenrap. Over time, the practice developed further elaboration in other cultures like China and India, but the Tibetan methods are most directly descended from the original source. Chaphur Rinpoche will teach participants in this online class how to accurately read and create Tibetan astrological calendars for their personal use using this ancient system.

The study of traditional Tibetan astrology can open many opportunities for life improvement, such as:

1) Showing the most effective way to achieve important personal goals with positive and beneficial actions;

2) Developing approaches to getting the resources needed to live comfortably, overcoming guilt, selfishness, and fear of loss;

3) Communicating clearly with others to join compassion with skillful means, so the world can become a happier and healthier place;

4) Gaining stronger insights about long term patterns and potentials.

5) Enjoying being creative, authentic, and free in the expression of your life, without clinging to negative ideas and attitudes that keep you from the experiences you want.

In the context of understanding correct practice, Chaphur Rinpoche will also discuss the nature of karma in our experience, indicate mantras and rituals that can be used to purify negativities and dissolve obstacles, and give instructions about the right view and use of astrological information.

This class is a beginning teaching. All students at any level are welcome.

The Schedule

August 3rd and 17th 7-8:30pm (PT)
September 7th and 21rd 7-8:30pm (PT)
October 5th and 19th 7-8:30pm (PT)
November 9th and 23rd 7-830pm (PT)

To register:

email info@gyalshen.org and make your payment through the paypal link below.

To participate:

Click on the link by 6:50 P.S.T. at the latest. The teaching will begin at 7pm. If you have not used “zoom” before, then you will be prompted to download and launch the zoom application.

Click “download and run zoom”. The application should install and start automatically. However if nothing happens after the download,  then you will need to manually install the zoom application by double clicking on the installer package and following your computers instructions


This class is limited to 25 participants. Please do not enter the zoom meeting if you have not pre-registered.

Class cost – $225


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