It will be a closed door retreat to minimize distractions, thus cutting oneself off from the rest of the World’s distractions
2015-08-21 - 2015-08-30

10 Day Annual International Residential Retreat

Person Lama Khemsar Rinpoche sp

Promotor Tibetan Yungdrung Bön Study Centre org
Place   United Kingdom, EN4 8BD, London, Ku-soom Lhun-drub Ling, Bonpo Lha-khang, 30 Henry Road, New Barnet       satelit map
contact  Penny Lee, 07714 277382,

During the course of the retreat, authentic teachings encapsulated with advanced meditations based on the respective views of Sutra, Tantra and Dzogchen will be taught and practiced. You will be guided by the Retreat Master and his Umzeys (Prayer leaders).

The 10 day residential retreat is open to anyone who wishes to attend. It is an essential requirement to attend all the 10 days.

It will be a closed door retreat to minimize distractions, thus cutting oneself off from the rest of the World’s distractions. The retreat compound has a small outdoor space where students can get some fresh air, walk around and option to eat outside. The retreat will be semi-silence in nature to facilitate teaching and Question & Answer sessions each day.

The residential retreat is based on authentic retreat guide-lines. Such a closed-door retreat provides one with ample opportunities to put teachings into practice. One will then gain Nyam-dang tog-pa (Understanding and Experience). Such is a unique way whereby one practically engages in advanced meditations by cutting away from philosophical and intellectual layers!!

Without practice, everything is nothing other than building intellectual degrees where one’s ego gets strengthened - and that is not spiritual. Remember, each one of us is born with Buddha potential and our task in this life is to take a spiritual path aiming towards attaining Buddhahood by bringing our Buddha potential into full fruition. This is possible even in this very lifetime!”

We must remember that each and every one’s life is impermanent. One’s fame, name, power, success and relationships are like bubbles that are subject to burst. Master Yungdrung Ling-pa remarked that: “One’s life is like a flame in the wind- impermanent”.

It is also relevant in today’s busy life where typically one doesn’t get much time to practice. It is crucial that one should make time for oneself to attend such a closed-door retreat at least once a year. The retreat provides an opportunity where one can refresh the teachings and cover all the time one has lost during the year due to ones’ various illusionary social-order distractions, which are never-ending and which do not bring any long lasting fulfilment!

PLEASE NOTE: There are people who wish to attend the retreat but they cannot afford it financially. As such, it will be a very good karmic act if you are able to financially sponsor someone who cannot otherwise afford to attend the retreat. Rinpoche and the TYBSC are doing their best to help individuals in any possible way.

Any contribution will be much appreciated. Each year, Rinpoche allows some regular students to attend totally free of cost after considering their special circumstances; some other students by giving them special concessions, whilst others are allowed to pay in instalments, etc.


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