The third Wang will be taught over two 5-day retreats. This retreat is the second of the two retreats.
2015-12-03 10:00 - 2015-12-07 16:00

Tse Dup Weekend Series Wang Three, Second Retreat

Second Five-Day Retreat
Person Chongtul Rinpoche sp

Promotor Bon Shen Ling org
Place   United States, 07981, Whippany, 1401 Route 10 East, Hanover Marriott Hotel       satelit map
contact  , 9173009254,

We warmly welcome you to the third and culminating Wang of the Tse Dup Yang Bod healing certification program. TSE DUP YANG BOD is indigenous Tibetan soul healing by the five elements. Tse means life force; Dup means to intensify; Yang refers to the energetic essence of the soul (La); Bod means to call or retrieve through respectful practice.


Two Five-Day Retreats Overview

  • Students will build on the second year teachings as well as:
  • Learn the Indications of Soul Dynamism
  • Continue the 9 Ways Preliminary Practices of Bon (Ngondro)
  • The Dedication Practice


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