2016-02-12 19:00 - 2016-02-14 17:00

Losar 2016 Celebration in Wilga

Person Geshe Nyima Woser Choekhortshang Rinpoche sp

Promotor Związek Garuda org
Place   Poland, Chamma Ling Poland, 08-470 Wilga , Al. Huberta 4   MAPS
contact  Bettina Majda, +48606727906, dakini.bon@gmail.com
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The program of Losar 2016 in Wilga

Friday, 12 February 2016

H. 19-21 Ritual of redemption and healing Sipa Gyalmo.

Description: The ritual of redemption: in a situation when one is under the influence of negative outside factors that block one’s normal functioning at the psychic and mental level, one is subconsciusly creating external conditions, on which one has no influence, then one performs ritual of repayment karmic debts. Redemption is a ritual form of satisfaction our karmic creditors.

The ritual of healing, purifying by water: this practice purifies us from the difficult and painful emotional disorders, mental blackouts, negative impacts and external impediments.

The mantra practice of wrathful Sipa Gyalmo. (please bring empty bottles on water).


Saturday, 13 February 2016

H. 8.30 am - Breakfast.

H. 10.00-11.00 Offertory of tea and food.

Description: Traditionally, during Losar, we collect the first water from a nearby source. We use it first to offer it on the altar and the remains we use to do first tea on Losar. A typical event in Losar is inviting guests to eat Ciemar food (phye mar). This is a special dish prepared on Losar as a symbol of prosperity. They are prepared with tsampa with butter in a traditional wooden bowl called Bho ('bo), with additions on the top.

H. 11.30-13.00 Sang ritual and hanging prayer flags.

Description: Performing the Sang ritual, offering smoke from burnt leaves of juniper and incense. Donating tea and wine for the deities. Throwing in the air Lungta sheets (wind horse). Hanging prayer flags. At the end of the ritual there is spoken Prayer of prosperity, Kiki Soso Lha Dya lo, performed together with throwing Tsampa in the sky.

H. 13.00-15.00 Dinner break. H. 13.30 – Dinner.

H. 15.00-16.30 Lecture on Tibetan New Year.

H. 17.00-18.00 Creating Dream Maps.

H. 18.00-19.00 Rituals of prosperity and wealth.

Description: Ritual of prosperity: this healing aims to overcome internal and external obstacles that block our development and consequently our prosperity. The ritual of prosperity and wealth refers to the deity Sherab Chamma.

H. 19.00 - Dinner.

H. 20.00 – Campfire


Sunday,  14 February 2016

H. 8.30 am - Breakfast

H. 10.00-11.00 Techings on Yeshe Walmo

H. 11.30-13.00 - Teachings on Yeshe Walmo

H. 13.00-15.00 Dinner break. H. 13.30 - Dinner.

H. 15.00-16.00 Science on Yeshe Walmo

H. 16.00-17.00 - Puja Yeshe Walmo and the end of the celebration of Losar.

Description: Yeshe Walmo is the main deity and guardian of the Bon tradition. Most practitioners of buddhism Bon performs practices to clean up the obstacles in their personal life, relations in family and work and their meditation practice.

Suggested donation for participation: 150 PLN


Place   Poland, Chamma Ling Poland, 08-470 Wilga , Al. Huberta 4   MAPS

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