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Tibetan Keksel Yoga is the system which came down unbroken through oral transmission from Bonpo Zhang-Zhung Nyen Gyu lineages. The core of the transmission engages the body, mind and spirit of the practitioner in a series of breath, sound and movement exercises, each relating to a specific element. The five elements of fire, wind, space, water and earth, are the foundation fiber of Tibetan medicine and healing; their core theory being everything that exists in this universe is made of the five elements and therefore responsible for the formation of each tissue cell. In practicing Trul khor, one will be able to identify and alleviate physical discomfort or pain, emotional and mental disturbances. These easy to perform yet powerful healing exercises can be used as a support to other meditation practices or practiced alone to clear obstacles caused by disease or strong negative emotions, and to clear, balance and harmonize one’s energy field.
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Keksel Mantra Yoga

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What is Keksel?

Keksel is defined as the purification of obstacles. Kek is translated as obstacles. Sel is translated as purification. This process can be understood on three levels: external, inner, and secret. External kek are physical obstacles such as sickness, pain, disease, body aches, and energetic imbalances. Internal kek include the emotional afflictions such as greed, anger, attachment, desire, pride, jealousy, and hatred. Secret kek are the delusional views that keep us from seeing the empty luminosity of our nature of mind (rigpa). Secret kek can also be characterized as the karmic obscurations left from past imprints in the base consciousness (kunzhi).

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Place   United States, CA 92131, San Diego, Library Room 208, 10455 Pomerado Road       satelit map

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