The Essential Mantra of Bön.

Vibrational Sound Healing
Person Chaphur Rinpoche sp

Promotor Gyalshen Institute org
Place   United States
contact  , ,
info  https://hotyogarenton.com/

Let’s bring beauty, goodness, and kindness in everything that is pure and sacred to this present moment. With compassionate hearts and minds we will gather to raise the center of our consciousness in a drumming journey and harmonize energies through chanting vibration.
We have invited several spiritual leaders and teachers from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds to celebrate our human essences by dissolving boundaries to bring us to the state of Utmost Oneness.
Gratitude is expressed on behalf of the compassionate light workers to awaken our Humanity in our beautiful and loving world. Program Coordinator, KimFun, chanting lead by Chaphur Rinpoche, Gyalshen Institute- San Francisco. Native Flutist & Singers from the Northwest Native Indian Tribe. Drummers are welcome.


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