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Menri Lopon Nyima Rinpoche and Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche - conference

The healing power of prana

Person Menri Lopon Trinley Nyima Rinpoche sp
Person Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche sp

Promotor Ligmincha France and romand Switzerland org
Place   France
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The human mind has an immense capacity to cause suffering but can also lead to profound physical healing. For centuries, the power of the mind has been experienced by many practitioners of the old Tibetan spiritual traditions, and now, scientific research is conducted on the subject.
During this conference we will explore how to heal physical and emotional pain through the power of prana and open awareness of the mind.
You will learn how consciousness can produce different forms of the dynamic energy (called breath, chi or prana) to cure both the old and new physical or emotional injuries. Then you will be led to discover how to avoid future pain by turning your responsiveness and your incessant thoughts in an open state of consciousness and connected, a state in which healing occurs.


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