2018-02-10 - 2018-02-11

Gutor Purification Rituals. Teachings on Bardo.

Person Geshe Nyima Woser Choekhortshang Rinpoche sp

Promotor Związek Garuda org
Place   Poland, Warszawa
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The Tibetan New Year begins in mid-February (February 16th). On this occasion Nyima Woser Rinpoche agreed to perform Gutor purifying rituals. At the same time identical rituals are performed in all Tibetan monasteries in Tibet, India, and Nepal. The ceremonies include Dokpa - a ritual allowing participants to purify the negative karma collected in the passing year and generate positive energy for the coming year.

Nyima Woser Rinpoche, February 10 – 11 2018, Warsaw
Saturday 3 pm – 6 pm, Sunday 10 am -1 pm and 3 pm – 6 pm

Teachings on Bardo – teachings on the process of dying and what follows after death.

Nyima Woser Rinpoche will deliver teachings on the subject of the process of dying and the state that follows death (Bardo in Tibetan). Tibetan Buddhism abounds in detailed explanations concerning the process of dying, what happens to consciousness at the moment of death, and what we experience after death. Thanks to Buddhist teachings and meditation we can understand this process, accept impermanence, and prepare for our own demise, but also for the passing of our loved ones. Dying does not have to be a painful and difficult process. For practitioners of meditation it is but another opportunity to learn, develop, and cultivate compassion.


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